So Mel used the word “matronly” to describe me this weekend.

We were discussing the general tendency of others to desexualize me and such. I’ve been mulling it over ever since. Although I felt I had a grasp of the term, I sought out the ol’ dictionary definition (as I often do): 

matronly |ˈmātrənlē| adjective: like or characteristic of a matron, esp. in being dignified and staid and typically associated with having a large or plump build she was beginning to look matronly.

Slightly deeper than my previous mental imagery of mom jeans and short hair. To supplement this, I also looked up “staid”:

staid |stād| adjective: sedate, respectable, and unadventurous staid law firms.

SO FUCKING ACCURATE. No wonder I sympathize so much with the guy who gets dumped for being boring in that one commerical; I am a law firm, fer Chrissake. 

(Meanwhile, the jury is out on whether being a law firm is an undesirable state of existence.)

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