RE: “Fat Girls in Summer”

My poem, “Fat Girls in Summer,” is being reblogged at ridiculous rates as of late. While I’m happy the message of fat visibility is getting out there, I feel compelled to make a case for those who bristle at its call to bare everything.

For every fatty who decides to don homemade booty shorts, there are just as many who decide not to. Not because they feel pressured to cover up, but rather because that’s how they feel most comfortable. The clothes a person wears is not the determining factor of their worth.

Ultimately, satisfaction with oneself and one’s choices is of the highest importance. If those choices happen to buck against the system of fat shaming? Well, that’s just a bonus.

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  2. likeabrokendowndam said: and I don’t think that as many people are looking at what you wrote as literature, and rather just as someones drunken opinions or something on tumblr, so they don’t take it as seriously nor read into it as much, and just view it on the surface.
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